lunedì 24 novembre 2008

San Marino Design Week

San Marino University of Design

Democratic Design, that promotes the analysis of the original material cultures as a starting point for the development of newtypologies of objects.
The goal is to rediscover and to preserve techniques, expressions and local traditions starting from an idea of design as a democratic action that allows poor communities to access to free and voluntary consultation of international experts. The activity of design through creative workshops goes beyond the classical isolation of the handicraft communities making possible a comparison between them, the surrounding nations and with the people of the whole world, making them visible and therefore “defensible” (communities disappear every year and nobody knows). The project develops through an iconographic research that identifies expressions and peculiarity of the culture at stake, to translate them in a basic bidimensional and three - dimensional material, on the base of which the propositions will develop.
San Marino Design week page

Sample Project developed by one of the students groups.

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