martedì 9 dicembre 2008

The Ñandeva

Ñandeva is an crafts expansion program that aims the strengthen of a three-frontier borders identity ( in the border region between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay) through the insertion of
elements and icons that forward to these peoples culture. In a constant dialogue between designers and craftsmen, the products are developed with the intention of generating income and opportunity to the producers' community. Thanks to Malba Aguilar and Juan Sotuyo idealism, the program was born in 2004, during the first Crafts and design Workshop, from which resulted many works with great esthetic and cultural value. Then, it was born the seed of what would become the current program, consolidated after the execution of a three-frontier-border director plan, accomplished in February, 2006.

Giulio and Valerio Vinaccia, are authors of the book “Iconographic Elements of the Triple Frontier Region” and advisors to Ñadeva since the beginning of the program.
The book “Iconographic Elements of the Triple Border” is the result of a study carried out by anthropologists and historians, who identified typical elements of the region. With this data, a group of designers, under the supervision of Giulio Vinaccia, visited 28 municipalities in the Tri-border area in order to collect images of the elements. The work resulted in an image database with about five thousand pictures, which was the basis for the creation of the first 450 symbols that define the region.
Now, all icons are available in the 832 pages of the two volume book. Divided into eight chapters (colonization, architecture, Guarani people, Jesuit missions, flora and fauna, arts, tourism and
geography), the book provides information on the meaning of each icon and suggestions of applications for handicraft.
Iconography pages

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